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Who We Are

Meet our team of top-notch legal professionals.
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David Alvarado

Partner / Los Angeles

Eoin Gubbins

Partner / Los Angeles

Fernando Landa

Partner / San Diego

Jamie Altman Buggy

Partner & General Counsel / San Diego

Brandt Hollander

Partner / Boston

David Levine

Partner / Los Angeles

Michael Rivera

Partner / San Bernardino

Christopher Rizza

Partner / Los Angeles

Steven Mark Jeppson

Chief Financial Officer / San Diego

Cheryl Nieman Brechlin

Senior Counsel / San Diego

Stephanie Sweat

Senior Counsel / Los Angeles

Maeve McVeigh

Counsel & Director of Operations / New York

Lee Kaplan

Associate / Los Angeles

Julie Scher

Associate / San Diego

Theresa Cisneros

Paralegal / Los Angeles

Tracy Hall

Senior Paralegal / San Diego

Jennifer Keating-Wolk

Paralegal / San Diego